Assessing security risk of IT system

This process determines the probability of the existence of harmful events that pose a threat to the information system.

The analysis of potential vulnerabilities in the context of the overall system we gain a real picture of the system security.

ARES GLOBAL SYSTEM creates a report with which the company can easily make a decision to remove the vulnerabilities in the system and prevent the loss of data and money.

Penetration testing of the complete system

The first step is the simulation of real hacker attacks on the the external part of the infrastructure (black box). Whith this type of testing we get information about the entering vectors of attack and the possibility of their expansion to the internal infrastructure. This step represents a simulation of the most common hacker attacks today. Attackers don't target infrastructure directly, they use vulnerabilities that are found on the infrastructure during the mass scanning of the Internet. These attacks are usually accompanied by destruction and compromising data of complete systems.

The second step is to analyze the exploitation of vulnerabilities found on the outside of the infrastructure and the escalation to the internal part of the infrastructure. By simulating real attacks on internal infrastructure we get the information that we can later use to effectively secure all system components and decrease the possibility of attacks.

One of the important steps of penetration testing is social engineering. The weakest link of each system is a man who uses the system. The safest systems in the vast percentage are being compromised because of the lack security awareness of users and employees of companies. ARES GLOBAL SYSTEM offers organizing these types of attacks within penetration testing, staff training in order to prevent unauthorized acquisition of access to the system through the factors of employees or customers.

Penetration testing of websites

Today web applications represent one of the main vectors of attacks on infrastructure, because of their exposure. Due to the existence of many web applications technology, there is a huge number of security weaknesses that attackers can exploit to compromise web application. Most often compromised web application leads to compromiseing the entire IT infrastructure.

It is important to regularly check the security of a web application in order to prevent financial loss for application users and companies who own vulnerable web application. Using the latest technologies, tools and methods of attack ARES GLOBAL SYSTEM provides his customers with real picture of security of their web applications in a report that includes safety recommendations for elimination of found vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing of mobile applications

Because of the similarities in functionality of mobile applications to web applications also exist a large number of vulnerabilities in the implementation of mobile applications. Our team of experts are able to test the application of all popular platforms on the market iOS, Android, BlackBerryOS, WindowsPhone.

Security analysis of the application source code

Security analysis of the application source code represent the most complete security application analysis. ARES GLOBAL SYSTEM is performing security source code analysis using the most modern methods, tools and presonalized approach to each application. Security analysis of source code increases the level of security of your application to a maximum.

Network security assessment

Today, networks are complex and of them depends complete systems and infrastructure. It is also necessary to perform security tests to network components and they need to be properly configured.

Inadequate configuration of network devices leads to disabling of important segments of the network infrastructure and even complete network. Regular security testing, network analysis and configuration of network devices significantly reduces the possibility of attacks and the loss of network connectivity, critical parts of the system and leakage of important information.

Also assessment of network security provides very important information on how to protect against various DDoS attacks, which are nowadays very popular and causing an immense financial damage.

When security testing of network is complete ARES GLOBAL SYSTEM creates the report in which we give recommendations how to secure certain segments of the network infrastructure and which technologies to use for that.


We are the company, that performs complete security testing of web sites and IT systems. We assess the security risk of your system, test the complete system, websites, mobile applications of all platforms, and keep your data and business secure. Our team is made up from ethical hackers with years of experience in various fields of security. We will arrange for you all tests of your systems in the way that hackers do when they attack your system and complete infrastructure. For each client we specifically adjust the tests to get a real picture of the security of your system. Contact us with confidence.




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